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The Studio

Drawing-Code is an indie game studio from Olot, near Barcelona. Our studio is formed by young and entrepreneur people, experimented in some disciplines among designing, managing and programming.

We love videogames and we have grown up in the gamer culture, that is why we strive every day to create new experiences and impulse videogames within and outside entertainment, bringing the main benefits of game design to industrial and business sectors using Gamification.

Drawing Code regularly attends all events and expos of the videogame sector nationwide.
You will find us in places like GameLab and Barcelona Games World, among others, expanding our knowledge and presenting our projects.

Our Team

These are Drawing Code's members and collaborators.

Art and Design Manager
Abner G.

Senior web developer and designer, graduated in Multimedia and Computing. Proved experience in front-end and back-end applications programming. Actually he focuses his abilities in art and drawing, 3D modelling, level design and collaborates in game design and programming.

Programming and Game Design Manager
Toni G.

Senior programmer, systems technician and database administrator, with more than 10 years experience. Organizer of the LAN Party Volcànica in Olot for more than a decade. Founding partner of the network and security company: Evitern Technologies. Proven experience in developing and creating apps for mobile devices.

Xevi P.

Business Administrator and systems technician. Tech, music and videogames fan. Amateur musician and composer. Eight years of experience in finance, banking, sales, human resources and computing. Actually , CEO in a service company, which he has managed successfully since 2007.

Platforms where we publish

These are the platforms where we publish our games:

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